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Covers topics on partial differential equations of Mathematical Physics and boundary value problems; Sturm-Liouville theory, introduction to the theory of distributions, Dirac delta function, Laplace and Fourier transforms, Green's functions, Bessel functions, Legendre functions, spherical harmonics, and other topics such as group theory.

Prerequisites: Physics P3820 or all of Math 2051, 2260, 3202, and 3210.

Lecture: Three hours per week.

Course Evaluation

Course Outline

Class Notes

Notes1: Gamma Function and start Laplace transforms

Notes2: Laplace transforms finish

Notes3: Generalised Functions

Notes4: Distributions and Green's Function

Notes5: Sturm Liouville Part 1

Notes6: Sturm Liouville Part 2, Legendre Polynomials

Notes7: Sturm Liouville Part 3, Spherical Harmonics


Assignment 1, Due January 28, 2019: answers

Assignment 2, Due February 15 answers

Assignment 3, Due March 8 answers

Assignment 4, Due April 3 answers

Real World Interview


Sample Midterm: Outline for midterm 1.

Midterm 1 with solutions.

Midterm 2 outline.

Midterm 2 with solutions.

Final Exam Review Information.

Cauchy Principal Value Version 1

Cauchy Principal Value Version 2

Jordan's Lemma

Laplace Transform



Matlab script of string